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If you’re hosting a party or event that is on the large size and you will be using a venue outside your home, consider these 5 tips when making plans for your party or event.

Did you know…

1.  You should allow 2ft from the edge of your table for chairs and movement of guests. If you use 60″ round tables, allow a 7ft diameter. If you are using 8 ft. rectangle banquet tables (96″ x 30″) you need to allow 2 ft per side.

5 ft. round tables  8 foot banquet tables

2. Did you know if you use cotton table clothes, you can avoid ironing by using a spray bottle of hot water? Lay the cloth on the table, spray in lightly and pull the wrinkles out. It will be very smooth when completely dry. (Cloth only needs to be damp, not soaked.)

3. You should always ask for a copy of the rules/guidelines form concerning decorating from your venue. Some don’t allow open flames (candles), some don’t allow confetti, can’t attach anything to walls (free standing decor only), etc… I would hate to have a decorating plan all finished and find out I can’t use some of my planned decor. Better safe than sorry!

4.  The type of food/meal you serve will dictate your table needs. If is is a cocktail/station party, you won’t need place settings on your tables. But, don’t forget to have plates, silverware and napkins on your stations/buffet!

If it is a meal with courses, don’t forget all the silverware (shrimp forks, salad forks, bread knife, steak knife, dessert fork, etc…), glassware (water, wine, champagne, beverage, etc…), linen napkins, and anything else your guests will need to eat in comfort.

5.  When decorating your guest tables, don’t make them overcrowded. If you are serving a meal with courses, the table will already be quite crowded with necessary utensil. Don’t use a HUGE centerpiece plan that will make it hard for the guests to navigate around while eating.

You have more freedom with a stations or cocktail style food choice. The tables usually can have more decor since they will only be sitting to eat and will be carrying their napkins and silverware with them.

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