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Halloween propsYou don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on huge props to decorate for your Halloween party (unless you want too.) It’s actually a lot easier to come up with Halloween props when you break down your party room/home into vignettes or scenes. Choose natural focal points of the room or home and concentrate on them.

Breaking the Party Area Down

Let’s say you are hosting a party in your home. You will use the main living level and it consists of entry, kitchen/dining area, living room and maybe a patio or backyard (weather permitting).  Certain areas will stick out as focal points like a fireplace, entry way or table, dining table, bookcase or shelving unit, etc…

Choose 3 to 5 favorites and make your decor plan. If you are using a “graveyard theme” for your party complete with witches, ghosts, zombies and tombstones, make mini scenes or vignettes using items that reflect this.

Again, if you are going more Dracula and Frankenstein, make scenes you might see on the inside of Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.

Okay, so here’s the imaginary plan:

  1. Entry Vignette — Entry table decked out so the guests get the feel of your Halloween theme immediately upon entering
  2. Food & Drink Area Vignette — Dining table moved up against the wall and used for the food/drink — no chairs
  3. Mantel and fireplace Vignette  —  Give them a make-over to support the chosen theme
  4. Outdoor Vignette — On the Patio or Deck, create another scene that supports the theme so if your guests venture outside or see it through the windows

 What Sort of Items to Use as Decor?

A few things like spider webbing and candles & holders are a no-brainer and you probably already have some tucked away somewhere. What are some other items from around the home that you might could use to simulate your theme?

Look around the house with a fresh set of eyes. Think of your belongings spooky-fied! You could:

  • Add some moss and/or spider webs to lamps, light fixtures, between items on a bookcase
  • Cover furniture with old white sheets or cheese cloth ripped strategically
  • Set a candelabra on some old books and add a skull, witches cauldron, small broom or tombstone

Think in small areas. Design them top to bottom and then add a few more small touches around the room. With ambient lighting, you will get that creepy and spooky effect you are going for!

halloween props ideas

Add a Larger Prop to Your Arsenal Each Year

You can always add one larger prop each year and continue to build the theme. There are some great choices out there if you know where to look. Having been in the wedding and event industry for a lot of years, I have a few favorite sites I always use for larger props.

Here’s a few that might work for you! Remember, these can work inside too!

Just click the image to visit the website for more information…

Graveyard Kit

Graveyard Entrance

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  1. These are excellent Halloween party ideas and several that would be great for Haunted Houses or Halloween festivals too.

    I really like the idea of having a prop for photos! Guests always like having souvenir photos and as the hostess, I really enjoying having a photo album of my friends.

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