Custom Standee as Affordable Party VIP Decorations

grad custom standeeOne terrific way to celebrate the VIP of your party is with a custom standee! These life-sized decorations really make a statement and add a lot of fun to your party decorations. Virtually any type of a party:

  • birthday
  • graduation
  • anniversary
  • engagement
  • bridal shower
  • baby shower
  • retirement
  • promotion

is the perfect venue for custom standees. Believe it or not, they are affordable and easy to order online. Let’s take a look.

Custom Standee Decorations for your Party

birthday custom standees
Birthday Life-Sized Custom Standee

You can use these in so many different ways and they are just downright fun! And, after the party is over, it’s truly a fun keepsake. Set it up in a bedroom, rec room or wherever for an instant conversation starter.

For a birthday, they are no-brainers. Consider getting a life-sized picture of the VIP as a child. You can take more pictures of them standing next to their younger self.

Or, get the VIP in any shot you want – silly, serious, funny, or anything else! Upload the photo and you get a gorgeous life-sized custom standee to surprise your guest of honor.

For a graduation, blow up a Prom, sports, band or drama costumed student and display them at the graduation open house or party. Set it next to a graduation memorabilia table for some photo ops.

Get a standee made for the Mother-to-Be in her pregnant state. After she has the baby, it will be an awesome keepsake of her pregnancy. (You could do it for Daddy-to-Be too at a couples shower).

For promotion or retirement parties, have the VIP custom standee at the entrance to greet all his guests. Or at the gift table watching over the bounty. What fun!

These standees would be wonderful at an anniversary party! Get a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day and use it as party decorations “X” years later!

Really, this is the type of party decoration you can’t go wrong with. Here are a few of the formats made to give you ideas:

Custom Standee for a Centerpiece

These aren’t life-sized but they still make a big impression. They would look awesome on a few guest tables and really make it personal. Or, you could get just one and put it on a cake table, head table or gift table. They certainly will be unique because we all are unique.

Think about it. Almost any occasion is perfect for these standees. Don’t forget Mother’s and Father’s Days, weddings or rehearsal dinners, sweet 16’s or 50th birthday parties. These decorations will be loved by all.

What You Need to Order a Custom Standee

The standees actually come in 9 different sizes:

  • table
  • tiny
  • little
  • little horizontal
  • middle
  • giant horizontal
  • giant
  • enormous
  • ginormous

You pick the size you want during the order process. You will upload your photo and choose the material you want it made from. You have the choice of standard cardboard, weather resistant corex, high quality foam core standees, or repositionable vinyl wall graphic. Make sure you choose a high resolution and one of the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, or  .bmp. The file size should be at least 1 MB.

Remember, phone cameras don’t usually have good enough quality to reproduce into a standee. Try taking a photo with a digital camera instead. Make sure the person is at the front of the photo and the lighting is enough. The quality of the original photo will decide the quality of the standee.

These standees — all sizes — will have a positive impact on your guests as well as the party VIP. Nothing is better than personalizing a party. Have fun!

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